Endorsed Bodybuilding Workouts: The Truth And The Myths

Who To Trust?

You buy a bodybuilding magazine and you are certain to find several workout examples by professional bodybuilders or workout gurus Buy Phentermine. Funny enough, many times these workout are in exact opposite ends from each other.

Explosive reps vs super-slow reps. Heavy-duty workout vs 2-split a day workout Phentermine before and after. Correct technique workout vs negative reps workout. You get the point.

For a beginner ectomorph bodybuilder, this is beyond confusing. But they must work, after all the bodybuilders doing them are huge Injections for Weight Loss. So many times, a beginner simply choose to follow a workout of his favorite bodybuilder assuming, that it will transform his body the same way.

Endorsed Workouts – Do They Give Results?

In most cases, this will almost never happen. Especially not if you are an ectomorph bodybuilder. What does happen in most cases, is a frustration, injury, over training, or all of it.

Don’t get me wrong, these workout usually really do work. Just not for you. And definitely not when you are a beginner.

Here we are again – ectomorph bodybuilding is a journey. Yep, I said it again. Because it is still true, and it applies to experimenting with workouts too.


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