Fitness Workouts Get You In Shape, Training Gets You Fit

When you think of fitness workouts, what comes to mind? Well, when I think of the phrase “fitness workouts,” all I can think about are the Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons workout videos of the 80’s acv keto gummies review. I also see the Billy Blanks’ and Denis Austin’s of the world, and although these giants have contributed mightily to the world of fitness, I don’t believe anyone is truly “fit” after going through one of their programs. Think about it, can they drop down and give you 100 pushups? How about 10 pull ups? How many bodyweight squats can they crank out before they fold like an accordion? Here’s the biggest test, how hard and how long can they play their favorite sport before giving up?

Fitness workouts get you in shape, help you shed excess fat and increase your endurance – no doubt about that. In essence, they do exactly what these experts claim they were meant to do and I’m all for it weight loss gummies review. The challenge is not that what they’re teaching is wrong, its that they aren’t taking you to another level of fitness. It’s my personal belief that we “train” our bodies to be able to play hard in activities we like to participate in. Some people work out to be in shape – period. I don’t understand the logic in that at all. If you’re not using your body to go outside and have fun, what’s the point of putting yourself through all the work needed to get you to look and feel invincible?

Being able to hike for miles, because you like to hike, is what you should be able to when you’ve trained your body the right way best apple cider vinegar gummies. When you’ve trained your body correctly, you can play any sport you want to and be effective at any and all of them. I didn’t say you’d be good at all of them. In fact, you’ll probably be lousy in most of them, but the main point is that you’d be effective enough to be able to play. When I say effective, I mean you’re level of conditioning will be such that you will be able to play, simply because you’ve trained your body in such a way that you can handle whatever any one throws at you.


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