Weight Belts For Bodybuilding -An Ongoing Controversy

Bodybuilding is an exercise program that does much more for the body than just build up muscle and physique Best Legal Steroids. Bodybuilding also strengthens the ligaments and tendons, the skeletal system, and burns more calories due to the increased metabolic rate of the body. Using weight belts for bodybuilding exercise workouts is quite common, but it is also a controversial practice. There are two opposing schools of thought amongst weightlifters and bodybuilders.

Those who advocate the use of weight belts for bodybuilding believe that a weight lifting belt will protect the lumbar portion of the spinal column sarms and steroids for sale. There are also many who categorically do not believe in the use of weight belts for bodybuilding. They think weight belts give individuals a false sense of security, and they cannot take the place of strong, functional core and trunk muscles.

Weight Lifting Belts – What Are They?

A weight belt is rigid and generally made from leather, but also can be made out of high-strength, durable nylon. A weight lifting belt is fastened around the bodybuilder’s waist and secured in they same fashion as a normal belt. The part of the belt that crosses the small of the back is usually about six inches high.

The Pros Of Weight Belts For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders who favour the use of a weight lifting belt during their bodybuilding workouts believe that the weight lifting belt will protect the lumbar portion of the spinal column from needless injury Phentermine over the counter alternatives for weight loss. They also believe that the thickness and width of the belt spanning the lower back can prevent injury to the all important back muscles.

Another benefit attributed to the weight lifting belts is that the stiffness of the belt acts as a reminder to the individual not to arch or bend their back when lifting. Bodybuilders who arch their back when lifting weights risk permanent damage to the spine. For power lifters undertaking maneuvers such as squats and clean and jerk, the added support of a weight belt provides extra protection for the small of the back.


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