When Being ‘Ropey’ Is A Good Thing! Join the Battle Rope Revolution

In recent years battle ropes have started popping up in gyms, and not just the CrossFit / Functional type gyms!

As you’ve probably gathered from many of my workout videos I’m a big fan of battle rope exercises – I even have one set up in my garden!

So why am I such a big fan!?

Well this simple and cheap piece of equipment provides a massive range of exercise options and throws in a cardio element few machines or gym equipment can compete with!

It is a super dynamic and powerful workout tool, which will give you conditioning whilst building strength. Anadrol for Sale It’s also a great addition to a HIIT workout or circuit routine!

Good gyms will often have a multitude of ropes ranging from thin/light to thick and heavy. Whilst there are literally dozens of battle rope exercises, below are some of the very best:

1) The ‘Power Slam’:

This battle rope exercise is great for the abs and lats.Trenbolone Enanthate It has similar benefits to medicine ball slams, but is much more fluent and efficient as you don’t have to keep picking up the ball from slightly different positions!

Power Slam Exercise Details:

a) Pull the ropes out in front of you.

b) With feet roughly shoulder width apart take each the rope ends in each hand. Grip the rope with palms facing inwards.

c) Move the rope over your head before slamming them down onto the ground as hard as you can.

d) As you slam the ropes down you should follow them into a squat position, with your back straight.

e) Return to the start position and repeat!

2) The ‘Alternating Wave’:

This is the most commonly performed battle rope exercise.Trenbolone Acetate It is my favourite battle rope exercise, although I often add variations to it such as kneeling or standing on a Bosu Ball!

This exercise involves moving the ropes as quickly and rhythmically as possible, whilst keeping good form.

Alternating Wave Exercise Details:

a) Stand facing the outstretched rope, with one rope in each hand and palm again facing in.

b) Keep a bend in your knees and lean slightly forward. Whip the first rope with one arm to make a wave pattern which reaches all the way to the fixed point of the rope.

c) Now complete the same movement with the alternate rope end, almost immediately after beginning it with the first. The two waves must follow one after the other.

d) Alternate the waves as quickly as possible and continuously!


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