Women Bodybuilding Through the Years

While not having the history of the male bodybuilding world since it only began in the late 1970’s, women’s bodybuilding has quickly become a highly competitive sport consisting of several kinds of competitions phenq weight loss reviews. The newest craze in body building is being judged on muscular tone and symmetry instead of size. Women who wish to avoid building muscle mass and vascularity excessively can avoid the extremes of bodybuilding, and instead compete in figure bodybuilding. Similar to a pageant setup, the competition is evaluated from all angles, over a few different rounds, which depends on the company.

While women have been competing since the 70’s, only recently did it evolve into figure bodybuilding. Judges who do figure bodybuilding contests look at the contestant’s gracefulness, poise and confidence, among other things, as well as presentation, style, skin, and symmetry phentermine clinics for weight loss. These extremely buff female contestants are placed in different groups by height without regard to age, other than the adult age requirement. Well-defined muscles without ripples or striations alone will get the attention of the Judges. Contestants will be identified by numbers they wear that help the judges to know who they are, and will usually be dressed in colorful, elaborately decorated two piece bathing suits called pose suits.

There are a number of organizations that sponsor annual events to serve the bodybuilding community. Figure International and Figure Olympia are the most renown of these organizations, each certified by the IFBB; they are considered specialized level events. While other organizations hold figure bodybuilding competitions, the rules vary from region to region phenq fat burner pills. Those who are already in the bodybuilding sport circuits and those who are interested in muscle physique know very well know about the sport. However, there is no mainstream coverage of the various competitions and events beyond that level. Bodybuilding competitions and other fitness events are on a couple of mainstream sports networks. I don’t know you guys – but I simply loveĀ female bodybuilding!

For women who want to enter the competitive world of figure bodybuilding, the lack of prize money and difficulty in finding sponsors can present major obstacles to making a living from the sport Phenq reviews. There are a lot of regular professional workers that started working out daily and got into competition. Many women hesitate to become bodybuilders due to society’s pressure to conform to traditional standards of femininity. Females have more muscle than women, which makes them look more masculine.


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